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Nadine Jansen

Birth Name: Nadin Dalke
Birthdate : 03 December, 1980
Birth location: Leipzig, East Germany
Performer AKA: Nadine Jansen, Nadine Jensen
Measurements: 49-30-38 in (116-76-98 cm.) (34J)
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight: 156 lb (71 kg)
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian, German
Pubic hair: Shaved
Debut: 2000

Nadine Jansen Bio
When Nadine was 2 years old, parents moved to a small town called Eberswalde which is about 20 km north from Berlin. So Eberswalde is what she would call her hometown.

Very early in her youth, at the age of 12, she realized that she was the first girl in her class who had boobs, and not just boobs, but really big heavy hard melons which obviously had no intentions to stop growing bigger and bigger day by day. It would be a lie, telling you that she suffered under these big balls in her tight teeny t-shirt. She enjoyed it very much to be an eye-catcher for the whole school, especially at sport-events when “little” Nadine could celebrate her 100m sprint in front of hundreds of “bawling” young boys and their fathers. The fact that sport was, and still is my weak point, didn’t spoil the fun at all, as you can imagine.

Has scars from a motorcycle accident when she was 14. She was involved in a motorcycle accident in November 1994, when she was 13 years old. A car crashed into her boyfriend’s bike and left both of them with several injuries and broken bones. She was treated for 6 months in the hospital and, while her legs were saved, she was left with noticeable scars. Initially, she refused to be photographed with the scars visible, but after becoming more comfortable with them, they can now be seen in many of her photos.

It was in summer 2000 when she started her carrer as a model on the betttie-b website. She would never have dreamed that this step would cause such fundamental change to her life and that she would reach such popularity worldwide. She have been traveling around the world, working in L.A. and Tokyo and appeared in magazines worldwide.

She soon rose to prominence in the big bust industry, including appearances on the websites of Danni Ashe and Score magazine within 14 months after her debut.

Her own website was launched in December 9, 2001.

Bra Size
When she started modeling, she possessed a 41″ bust measurement, and a European size 80FF (US size 36FF) brassiere. In a video clip from her website, Nadine measured her bust line with a standard tape measure. After turning around completely to show the measurement procedure was accurate, her bust line was shown to be a convincing 46″. By July, 2003 her bustline had reportedly increased to 47″. In recent years, her bra size has also increased to 34H. In January 2007, she announced her bust reached a J cup bra size. In a photo shoot at 4 months of pregnancy, the tape measure shows her bustline was 49″.

In an unofficial video posted on her website, friend and fellow big breast model Milena Velba weighed Nadine’s breasts on an old-style Salter kitchen food scale. When weighed together, Nadine’s breast were approximately 7.5 lbs. Weighed separately, the right breast was about 3.5 lbs. and the left breast was about 3 lbs.

In a news item posted on her website November 6, 2006, Nadine announced her pregnancy. Although her weight has fluctuated over the years, it began increasing noticeably over the summer and early autumn of 2006. Her news report said, “There is a moment where one cannot hide big news any longer.”[4] The accompanying photo showed an obvious bump. On June 5, 2007, her website announced she is a mother. Her baby has born 6 weeks early.

Boobhouse 2 (2003) (V)
Vacation (2003) (V)
Bettie and Nadine (2002) (V)
Boobhouse 1 (2002) (V)
Busty Naturals (2002) (V)
Nadine Jansen Deluxe (2002) (V)
A Day with Nadine (2001) (V)
Danni’s Busty Naturals

Nadine has performed with the following big bust models:
Bettie Ballhaus,
Daisy van Heyden,
Dana Benn,
Danni Ashe,
Eden Mor,
Ines Cudna,
Katerina Hartlova,
Melissa Mandlikova,
Milena Velba,
Sunny Wagner

Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen Nadine Jansen

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  1. Nadine Jansen is the most beautiful woman to show up in a magazine that I’ve enjoyed looking at. Her website weighs heavily on my mind when I’m away from the internet for more than a few months.

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