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Category (Unsorted) on 01-05-2012

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Howdy my dear visitors! :)
I found movies with Yulia Nova. But in some movies, quality not so high.
Please, write me if you are interested. :)
I have next movies: Cosplay Vol.4, The Premium Yulia Nova, Yulia Nova promo tape, Moscow in the summer.
Regards, Dark Blood.

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Total (14) Comments posted for Movies with Yulia Nova

  1. Very good idea !! It’s difficult to find all the movies of this goddess.
    Dark Blood, your blog is fantastic.
    Thank’s a lot for your job.
    Best regards.

  2. Hey man! :)
    Thanks for reply. I’ll upload these videos on this week.
    And one more question: maybe to split movie to short clips? What do you think? :)

  3. As you want, my friend !! I will download all your product about Yulia. My dream is to meet a woman like her.
    Thanks a lot for your fantastic job. It’s a real pleasure for all the booblovers like me.
    Have a nice week-end.

  4. Ok. :) I uploaded movies without split.
    Yulia really nice girl. :) I can understand you! :) Unfortunatelly, by now she doesn’t act in films (as I know). My favorite actress Tanya Song! :) She also russian beautiful girl.
    Have a good week-end my friend! :)

  5. Thanks a lot, my friend !!
    Wouawww !! I am really happy and impatient to discover her in Cosplay 04. You have made a terrific job !!
    A few years ago, I’ve lost “The Premium Yulia Nova”. Today, it’s possible to find this movie. Thanks to you. I am very excited !!!
    You said that your favorite actress is Tanya Song (aka Anna Song). I love her too !! It’s quite amazing … Her big, white and beautiful breasts (the areolas and the nipples are different than Yulia’s), her lovely face, her body … A lot of wet and sexual dreams with her !!
    I wish you a lot of fun and pleasure this week-end, Dark Blood The Super !!!

  6. You’re welcome ;)
    This is not last movies. I found another few videos with Yulia. On this week I’ll upload them :)
    By the way, in these latter days I think that Shione Cooper quite lovely girl :D What do you think about her?

  7. OK. Good idea, my friend. I think I am going to be a registered member as soon as possible.
    Shione Cooper is one of my favorite big boobs girls. With Arianna Sinn, September Carrino, Sexy Venera, Jana Defi, Terry Nova, Hitomi Tanaka (I hate the censored part of her pussy in the movies), etc …
    Have a good night, my friend.

  8. Hello Dark Blood, you’re doing a great job!
    but is it possible to reupload the ‘Yulia Nova’ videos? I can’t download it :( links getting loading and then I get 404 error. (sorry about my poor english):(


  9. Hey man!
    Maybe I’ll reupload videos to another host. By now I’ll seek place, whither can to reup files.
    Thanks for your message.

  10. heeeey dude, have you already re-uploaded Yulia Nova’s videos? or, as you’re russian, could you give us good links where we can download it? i mean, russian web-sites is so vast, but hard to explore for non-russian speakers.
    We need everything of this truly goddess!

  11. Hey man!
    Unfortunatelly, on russians sites almost videos with Yulia are dead long time ago. I can to reaup vids somewhere special for you.

  12. hey, sorry for the delay… we would be so grateful if you reupload the videos to us… all i have of the Goddess are this following videos:”Yulia Nova – Moscow in summer” – “Yulia Nova – The Premium Yulia Nova” -“Yulia Nova – Cosplay Vol. 1″ – “Yulia Nova – Cosplay Vol. 3″ … so, feel free to reupload any other you want!

  13. No problem! :) By now I little busy. But I’ll reupload videos on next weekend’s!

  14. Hey man!
    By now I talking with manager of interesting file hosting. If we decide with him all problems, I’ll start upload videos on these weekends. Sorry for delay.
    Merry christmass and happy new year! :)
    Regards, Dark Blood.

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