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Maria Moore

Birthdate: 12 June 1975
Birth location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Measurements: 46-33-39 (36K)
Height: 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
Weight: 67 kg
Eye colour: Dark blue
Hair colour: Brunette
Pubic hair: Shaved
Debut: 2003

Maria Moore Bio
Maria comes to us from Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. She’s your girl next door – she’s not a dancer, dresses conservatively, is smart and funny. Maria is not only fantastically voluptuous and gorgeous but she is also very sexually hot, giving wonderful performances in her videos. She also loves to suck cock on film and loves showing off her massive natural tits. She’s appeared on a few sites, most notably Hot Sexy Plumpers, and has no problem doing hardcore scenes.

The following is from an interview of Maria Moore by Boobpedia.
“”I developed overnight. I went from wearing Underoos, to wearing a 32C bra. My older sister took me shopping for a training bra, and I was too big for all that the local department store stocked. We quickly moved on to the women’s section to find my proper size. Long gone are the days of shopping at department stores for a bra in my size. I just love the Internet! Macy’s, and certainly not Victoria’s Secret, refuse to acknowledge a 36HH actually exists!”
“Being naked in print (the Internet had not fulfilled its destiny at this time) was always my dream. Might seem warped, but from a really young age, even before the boobs appeared, I wanted to be naked for all to see. I am sure it was insecurity, and I was seeking the approval of the masses, but it is the truth.”
“As I grew older, I thought, if I really go for my dream, I will close doors on myself. Humility aside, I was a bright girl. After high school, I was given the opportunity to go to a local university. This was too good to pass on, but never suited me. I dreamed of porn, not Wall Street.”
“I dabbled in the adult entertainment industry quietly for a few years. I first submitted pictures to Top Heavy and was shocked when they accepted me. Then, prompted by my boyfriend, I sent pictures to his favorite magazine Score, and I was absolutely amazed they were interested.”
“Between my first appearance on Topheavy Amateurs and my debut with the Score Group in Voluptuous, October 2003, my boyfriend and I did shoot a hardcore scene for BangBros. Although that was not a bad experience by any stretch, I thought maybe I should not have jumped into hardcore so fast!”

Maria Moore from JuggMaster”After a 3 year hiatus, (well, not really, I continued to shoot with JuggMaster and Topheavy Amateurs) I finally gave up on trying to hide what I really wanted to be when I grew up! I shot with Rhiannon and Anton Fury for Gent. What a fabulous experience. It just clicked; I was thrilled with the end results. The photographs were beautiful. I wanted to be “Maria Moore” again! So, I agreed to shoot for Boobie Movies, as well as a few others.”
“I want to expand my modeling to include some more interesting content. I love the glamorous pictures I have shot, but I want some different. Hardcore is/was an attempt for variety. Everyone always asks why do I not have a website of my own?. In the past I just did not have the time to commit to it, but I think the tide is turning. Plus, this will be the best way for me to express myself. So, I suppose it is inevitable.”
“I have never been a huge fan of my boobs; I have spoken about that before. My appreciation of them only developed after meeting someone who adored everything about them. Previously, I would seek out guys, who were totally opposed to the size. I even had a long term relationship with someone who considered them embarassing. I spoke with several plastic surgeons in my late teens and early 20’s about reductions. There were days I thought about getting implants just to perk them up a bit…I still think about that.”
“It is funny though…something I am actually insecure about, I have shown to so many all over the world.”
Quotes and trivia
In an interview with XL Girls, Maria said, “I didn’t start to love my breasts until I met a man who loved boobs. Before that, I always felt self-conscious about them. I was one of those girls who would invent a reason to leave her bra on. I didn’t feel good about them because I thought, “God, these are so crazy and big”, and I thought my nipples were too big.”
Maria did her first boy girl scene when she was 27 for Mom’s Anal Adventure. She did her next one 5 years later for Big Tits Curvy Asses.
Maria was a highly respected escort in Philadelphia in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, but retired to marry. She now does girl/girl videos and an occasional boy/girl video.”

Maria Moore Maria Moore Maria Moore Maria Moore Maria Moore Maria Moore Maria Moore Maria Moore Maria Moore

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