Kunoichi Kikyou – Genso Kannou Emaki – Black Package Try [H-Game] – このブランドの作品一覧

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Guys, girls in this game have hugest boobies!!! “Crazy” guys in Japan know what they do!
So if who has a desire, You can download this game. In my opinion it’s very good thing.

Kunoichi Kikyou - Genso Kannou Emaki - Black Package Try, このブランドの作品一覧

Genre: Huge Boobies, Adventure, Anal sex, Huge Boobies, BDSM, Housewives, VN

Product specifications: 2009
Product specifications / requirements for OS: Win98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
Required CPU / Recommended: OS equivalent to the recommended environment MHz
Memory capacity required / recommended: OS equivalent to the recommended environment MB
Video resolution: : 800*600
Sound : PCM, DirectSound DirectX: 9.0 or Voice: Yes (full voice only women characters)
HDD space required / space recommended: 2.0GB

Viewing mode CG: In viewing mode
BGM: Yes
event recalls mode: Yes
Skip message: Yes
Language: Jap


Who was born talented Shinobi Naru its kind in a certain village. Ninja man with extraordinary power and to grow in the neighborhood who did not know the name has become so. Too big, talented guy, but all fall into the idea of ​​force, determined to beat the village altogether. The alumni kill ninja nuisance was assassinated during a mission. Mission is completed without incident the man returns to the village, killing family in the village is the greatest sin, it will be executed men. However, to become a man hanging a bunch of teeth are all damned ninja of the village, was killed in fact caught in all own head. The man who committed one after another, women remained in the village, leaving the village to kill. Karanakatta to this man’s was the only mother and daughter in commission of a different amino na chance. A few weeks later, mother and daughter returned from mourning the plight of the village mission. But mother and daughter determined that tragedy can not be tracked from the days passed, the refuge in the village served the clan, clan regalia and turn there. Years later, the man’s ninja clan chamberlain s hold the retainer ….

Archive size: 1,01 GB


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